How much Real Willard Water do I drink?

HOW MUCH OF THIS STUFF (the Willards Water ) DO I DRINK?
We get that question all the time . . I think the answer  is in our material somewhere, but obviously not prominently enough.
This is how I respond:    Our experience is  that if an average-sized adult mixes it at the recommended level . . an ounce of concentrate to a gallon of drinking water . . and drinks 32 ounces of that each and every day . . .and does that for one to two months . .that person should see most of whatever “see-able” benefits that are there for them.   And I put it that way because I am quite certain that there WILL BE benefits for ANYone . . but a great many of them will not be very obvious.    
The fortunate people are those who notice dramatic and welcome changes, “coincident with their faithful use of the WW” . . increased energy, better sleeping, greater endurance, blood pressure or blood sugar closer to a normal level, joints that become pain-free, digestive problems disappearing, etc., etc.    I say “the fortunate people” because if they obviously feel better when using it, and  go back to feeling like they used to, when/if they quit, it becomes real easy to “stay with it”.    But if they really don’t NOTICE  anything, it is easy to run out of it and never get around to re-ordering it.
Most of us take a number of nutritional supplements . . . and most of us notice very little obvious benefit from any of them . . we simply take them because we are convinced by research and information we’ve read, that we should live longer and healthier lives, taking those supplements, than not taking them.    But it is often easier to stay on the supplements, because there is so much reinforcement out there.    We continue to read about newly discovered benefits of Vitamin D, or Omega 3’s, or B-6 . . or whatever.    So we continue to take them, month after month and year after year.  
Frankly, we try with our newsletter, to provide that same encouragement to continue with REAL Willard Water.     Probably most  RWW users don’t need that.    They’ve probably quit drinking it a number of times, but, as one guy told me over the phone, years ago, “You know, Charlie, I ran out of it about ten days ago and now that I’m back to feeling the crappy way I used to feel, I remember what that was like, and I don’t like it, so that’s why I’m ordering another bottle.    I guess I was feeling better all the time, but it was gradual enough, I didn’t realize it was happening.   But it sure didn’t take me very long to get back to where I HAD been, once I quit drinking it !”
People who don’t know much about RWW look at the price of a quart or a gallon and say, “oh, that’s too much . . can’t possibly be worth that”.
I ask them if it is worth 35 cents a day to feel a lot better.   And they look puzzled.    But it is true . . .if a person buys a gallon of the Ultimate Dark product at the $159 price that we sold it for about as far back as I can remember . . .that is $159, plus some rather token shipping charge . . for what is about a 16 month supply . . .Which means roughly ten bucks a month . . or less than 35 cents a day.
I don’t know about you but I take a lot of different supplements.    Some cost well under $10 a month . . some cost a lot more.    But I’d give up all of them before I’d give up the RWW.    Is obvious to me that I’m getting more benefit per dollar spent from the RWW than for any of the other items.    And there are a number of those others that I’d REALLY not want to be without.    But the RWW is, for sure, the last one I’d give up.
We have customers who profess to be faithful consumers of RWW, but we see them perhaps buying a quart of the concentrate per YEAR !!   
A quart should last one adult about four months . . max .. .and that long only if they aren’t giving any to their cat or dog, or house plants, or other family members.
We preach about that “32 oz a day” minimum . .because we are convinced by our own experiences and those of so many others, that that will suffice . . it will provide whatever benefits the product is going to.
But I have to tell you that most people, when they get into it . .drink more than that.    It is typical for people to make it the only water they drink . .a great many drink two, three , four quarts . .or more, per day.   Some just drink a lot of water and the only water they drink is RWW.   
Are they wasting their money?   No.    It would seem that they probably don’t get as much benefit from the second quart (per day) as the first quart . . and as much from the third as from the second, etc.    But they know that they really feel notably better when drinking a lot of RWW per day than if they are drinking a much lesser amount.
Personally, for Kolleen and I, it is the only water we drink except in restaurants . . or in the homes of friends, etc.     Just for the two of us . . and we are gone from our home long hours each day . . .I mix up a fresh gallon on roughly a daily basis just for the two of us.     And that doesn’t count what we use to make coffee with, because we just put a tablespoon of concentrate into the water that goes into the 10-12 cup coffee maker.
And there are also mixed-up jugs of it in the refrigerator at the office.
Our general recommendation is to just base it on the child’s weight.    If you weigh 160 pounds and drink 32 oz per day, and your child weighs 40 pounds . . or 1/4 that much . . then 8 oz .. roughly a glass . . would be appropriate.
Well, we certainly believe it is !!    Our two oldest children have drank it since they were three or four years old.    The youngest was getting it via his mom, before he was born.    Our two grandkids, the same.    And as soon as they were on some kind of “formula” it had RWW in it.
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